Atlantis Esplanade Restaurant:

This is a development set in a privileged location, right on the sandy beach of Santa Maria, on the 1st line, facing the best beach in Cape Verde, with 2,334.45 m2.

For better accommodation, environmental respect and to protect against infiltration by capillarity and salinisation, it was decided to raise the entire structure of the area by 50 cm. The floor structure is supported by metal bollards, which in turn are supported by small concrete blocks buried in the sand.
In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, this solution also allows all the plumbing (water, sewage, cold, gas and electricity) to be carried out safely and in plain sight, without impacting on the beach by digging holes.
The development is a terrace restaurant, with seating for at least 250, fully equipped, with a panoramic kitchen, food processing area, dishwasher area, 4 cold rooms, bakery, ice cream parlour, laundry, wine cellar, 2 warehouses, IS and a commercial area made up of 3 shops, with access directly facing the city of Santa Maria, thus allowing commercial exploitation, not only for bathers, but also for the general population.

The terrace restaurant is a circular solution in plan, where the entire programme has been distributed over a radius of 18.65 m. This solution highlights the fact that the entire service centre (kitchen and catering) is located in the centre of the circle, so that all service areas are easily served. And to make this partitioning solution more effective, a horizontal circulation circuit was adopted, where all the accesses converge on the service centre.